Spring Maple Syrup Festivals - SW Ontario

 Maple Sugar Bush Festivals Family Weekend Outings in SW Ontario

With it's central SW Ontario location, The Shakespeare Inn is right in the middle of spring Maple Sugar Bush events and festivals throughout SW Ontario.   Stay at The Shakespeare Inn and play the weekend away in Shakespeare as you plan and enjoy the very best Maple Sugarbush tours in SW Ontario. As you travel through the tall Sugar Bush you will see the methods used to collect sap. Learn how maple syrup is produced as well as see the different working methods from the past and present. As you’re watching the steam rise and sipping on complimentary hot beverages memories are sure to be made. Pancakes and maple syrup are also offered as part of many tours. This is a great way to sample the fresh maple syrup. For example in St Jacobs you are welcome to spend as much time as you wish at the sugar bush as the horse drawn shuttle will be operating between the Market and Sugar Bush on a scheduled basis. A picturesque place in the country where our past greets our present; an exciting time of the year when the Maple yields its gift of syrup and sugar- a time-honoured tradition that is older than Canada itself.  

At Westfield Heritage families will join early Canadian settlers as they encounter the legends and techniques that surround the production of maple syrup; discover how Canada's First Nations' made syrup and sugar using a hollowed-out log and hot rocks; watch 19th century pioneers as they use the three cauldron method of preparing the sweet syrup and learn how the modern method uses the evaporator to make the delicious syrup. Families can also embark on an old fashioned horse and wagon rides through time; stroll through a rural 1860's villages, visiting historical homes and shops along the way; savour the flavour of Canada's own sweetener; and enjoy the finest pancake meals you've ever had and discover our maple syrup gift shop. 

Key Spring Maple Syrup Festivals include:-Click Links for details on dates and locations

§  St Jacobs http://www.stjacobshorsedrawntours.com/tours.shtml#MapleSugarBushTour

§  McCully's Hill Farm Sugarbush Festivals & Pancake Brunch


§  Crinklaws Maple Products 


§  Fort Rose  Maple Co. 


§  McLachlan Brothers - Maple Syrup Camp & Pancake House


§  Williamson Farms Maple Syrup


§  Elmira Maple Syrup festival


§  Kinsmen Fanshawe Sugar Bush


§ Belmore Maple Syrup Festival


§  Maple Syrup Harvest - The Sweet Taste of Spring